Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Intermission #2

Just a short update to announce that Magical Trevor of Cask Marque did indeed add on the two “missing” scans from last week’s visit which meant that by the Power of Greyskull I am now duly crowned Cask Marque Ambassador to the Commonwealth and Independent Territories and all who sail in them.

In fact, I’ll go one better (exactly one to be precise) because due to some sloppy mathematics I had actually miscalculated my total number of scans and so am currently celebrating on a grand total of 101 scans, which either makes me a collecting maniac or a candidate for a liver transplant – remember kids, drink responsibly!
So what does my newly endowed title allow me to do? Can I drive my sheep over London Bridge? Wear a sword on the train? (I wish!) Plant crops on common land? Well not surprisingly none of the above, but what it does allow me to do is attend a Beer Appreciation Course and Tasting Day at a brewery courtesy of those lovely ladies and gentlemen at Cask Marque. I had a choice of three breweries and not surprisingly I chose to attend a day (25th Jan – put it in your diaries) at the Fuller’s Brewery in Chiswick. After making my choice Cask Marque’s Twitter fanatic Alastair let me know that he was also hoping to attend this day – so if all goes well I can put a face to the tweets.
I will, however, end this submission with a slight apology. I know that if I was a professional writer I would have landed on the final Monopoly square, Mayfair and claimed my 100th scan, no doubt whilst dragging a fridge behind me, surrounded by all my old school friends, carried high on the shoulders of 54 other people also called BGC and all to the accompaniment of my number one single in Albania. But alas I am not such a person and can only tell this story as it really happened. But keep tuned in because the trail will continue its bumpy journey. Aussie Pete is well on track to claim his 100th scan and maybe if he does it whilst landing on Mayfair he’s promised to do it whilst playing a football team at tennis!

That's right - I am "really" spoiling them!

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