Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Setting up and reading the rules.......

OK, I like drinking beer. I like drinking beer in pubs. And because I’m a bloke with a potential smattering of OCD, I like lists and collecting. How then to combine all of this.

Well, the good people at Cask Marque have made a start by launching their very own smart phone app called “Cask Finder”. This app allows users to locate nearby pubs which hold the Cask Marque accreditation and then upon visiting the pub, the user can “scan” the QR code on the pub’s certificate and log their visit with the Cask Marque database. Like all good “collection schemes” there are wonderful prizes to be had, for 25 visits you get a bottle opener, for 50 visits; a T-Shirt, but before you decry these prizes seemingly stolen from the set of Blankerty Blank, for 100 visits you become a Cask Marque Ambassador (worthy prize enough!) but you also receive a brewery visit.
Lucky enough to work in London, there are literally hundreds of Cask Marque accredited pubs located in the city, but having visited all the ones most local to where I work I needed a plan to search further afield to claim some more scans.
I’d heard about a trail around London which tries to take in a pub on every street that features on the Monopoly Board. There are some amusing web sites that describe various people’s attempts at doing this, which normally try to achieve this feat in one day. Most of these attempts exclude the Water Works, Electricity Company and the jail, but even so, with 26 stops along the way, this is not something for the faint hearted.
Thinking there would be some mileage in combining the two events, I wondered if I could also drink around the Monopoly board but find a Cask Marque pub as near as possible to the street or board feature (yes, lets try to include every square!). Obviously I wouldn’t be able to do my attempt in one day, but it would still be fun to have a direction in which to take my search for more Cask Marque scans.
So here we go, let’s lay out the board, choose our pieces (I’m the iron by the way so you can’t choose that!) count out the money and roll those dice……….in my rules we don’t need to go round once without making a purchase!

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